Political Action - North State Builds
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Political Action

‘North State Builds’ Jobs PAC

The ‘North State Builds Jobs PAC’ is a Political Action Committee registered with the FPPC as a General Purpose State Committee. Our goal is to elect candidates and support measures throughout the North State that prioritize putting construction workers to work. We have several fundraisers throughout the year, the biggest of which is the raffle at our ‘North State Builds Community Impact Golf Tournament’ on the last Friday of each September.


The values we seek in the candidates we support are:


  • Commitment to building North State projects
  • Commitment to prioritizing apprenticeship training
  • Commitment to protecting the Prevailing Wage laws
  • Commitment to protecting Public Contracting Codes
  • Commitment to workers earning a living wage
  • Commitment to honest, open public governance


Each election cycle, our committee meets with prospective candidates to understand their vision for office. Endorsements are made by the committee based on a majority vote of support. Endorsed candidates receive financial and volunteer support from our committee; some also receive independent support from our partner organizations.


Click HERE to see a list of our current endorsements.


Our PAC contact information is:


North State Builds Jobs PAC

FPPC #1430191

900 Locust Street, Suite 2

Redding, CA 96001



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