Construction Training - North State Builds
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Construction Training

‘North State Builds’ Construction Training Options

If you’re new to construction and interested in a job in the Trades, we have two different pathways to help you towards a career in the industry.


Pathway one involves signing up for our free, introductory six-week course called the ‘North State Builds Multi-Craft Core Curriculum’ (MC3). Graduation from the program offers the opportunity to streamline the Apprenticeship Application process in many of our partner Apprenticeship programs. Additionally, some trades are able to DIRECT HIRE graduates of the North State Builds MC3 program. Click HERE to learn more.


Pathway two involves going straight into the application process of one of our partner North State Apprenticeship programs. Please keep in mind that each program receives hundreds of applications each year, meaning the spots are highly competitive. These programs are all state-registered and state-approved programs that fall under the supervision of the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). Imposter programs in the North State are NOT STATE APPROVED and will not offer the same job opportunities during training. For a list of our partner programs, click HERE.


While there are other options in the North State for construction training, these are the only pathways that are FREE to the workers. These pathways both involve programs that are funded either through public grants or through multi-employer trust contributions. DO NOT SETTLE FOR IMPOSTER PROGRAMS.

Apply for Apprenticeship Programs